Urgent Care

Scotland Urgent Care is now located in the Community Health and Rehabilitation Center, on the hospital campus. It is an excellent alternative to costly visits to the Emergency Center for non life-threatening illness or injury. Timely, quality treatment for minor illness and injury is available from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm ever day of the week. Scotland Urgent Care only closes on major holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year's.

On-site lab work and x-rays are available so that you receive all your care in one location. Services are provided for:
Minor illness and injury
Sprains, strains, or simple broken bones
Flu-like symtoms, colds and upper respiratory infections
Abrasions and cuts needing stitches
Rashes and minor allergic reactions
Fevers and infections
Vaccinations, including flu shots
Wellness check-ups
School physicals

At Scotland Urgent Care, we accept insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. No appointments are necessary and wait times are usually less than an hour.

Go Directly to the Emergency Center if you experience:
Difficulty breathing
Uncontrolled bleeding
Stroke symptoms (Do you know the warning signs of a stroke? If not, click here to learn what to look for)
Chest pain or other heart attack symptoms
Loss of consciousness

If you have questions about services at Scotland Urgent Care, call the Center at 910-277-8300.

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