Outpatient Surgery

Modern technology allows people of all ages to have minor surgical procedures performed on an outpatient basis conveniently and affordably, returning home the same day.

Your ability to have outpatient surgery is determined by your physician. Following surgery, you will be observed in the post-operative area until your surgeon determines you can be released. Each patient's recovery time is based on the procedure, type of anesthetic received and other personal factors.

All outpatient surgery patients must have a responsible adult who can accompany them to the hospital on the day of surgery, as well as drive them home. Patients will receive medication that will make them drowsy and unable to drive, operate machinery or make major decisions for 24 hours following surgery. The person accompanying the patient must be able to understand necessary instructions regarding your post-surgical care.

It is now possible to pre-register for your hospital procedure. Click here to access our pre-registration form. You will receive a call from our Pre-registration Department to complete the registration process.

Tips for outpatient surgery patients:

The hospital will not be responsible for your personal items so please leave valuables such as jewelry, wallet, credit cards and money at home.

Unless otherwise instructed by your physician, do not eat or drink after 10:00 p.m. the night before your surgery. Do not eat or drink anything (including coffee, juice or water) the morning of your surgery, except to take any medication (with small sips of water) that the physician has instructed you to take. It is dangerous to be sedated when there is food or liquid in your stomach.

Do not drink any alcoholic beverages 24 hours before or after surgery.

Remove all fingernail and toenail polish the night before surgery. On the morning of surgery, do not apply any makeup including eye makeup, face makeup or lipstick.

Take a complete bath or shower and shampoo your hair prior to reporting to the Outpatient Surgery Department. Braid or secure long hair with a rubber band.

All hairpins, hair clasps, combs, dentures, bridges, contact lenses, eyeglasses, and jewelry must be removed before surgery. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

Scotland Memorial provides a toll-free number if you are calling to learn your surgery time. You may call 1-866-CALL-SMH or locally, call 291-7893. For more information about Outpatient Surgery at Scotland Memorial Hospital contact Pat Decker at 910-291-7714.

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