Occupational Medicine

Occupational Health Services at Scotland Memorial Hospital, led by Medical Director Dr. James Staten, is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The Occupational Health team provides a full spectrum of industrial health care services, which expedites safe return to the workplace, while minimizing health care costs.

Acute Injury/Illness Treatment and Management
An individualized protocol for each company is maintained by Occupational Health, Scotland Urgent Care Center and the Emergency Center. Our health care team can then respond to specific occupational health care needs 24 hours a day. When needs change, our program can be redesigned to provide precisely the options a company requires at every stage.

Our emphasis when providing injury care and management is on clear communications among the physician, patient and employer. Streamlined reporting procedures result in a savings of time and money when it comes to a company's health care administration.

Injury evaluations after hours are performed at Scotland Urgent Care Center, located at 500 Lauchwood Drive, on the hospital campus. It is open seven days a week from 8 am to 7:30 pm. After 7:30 pm, or in severe emergencies, patients should report directly to the Hospital's Emergency Center.

Physical Examinations
Several different examinations are available to meet a company's needs. Preplacement examinations assess the ability of a job applicant to safely perform the essential functions of a specific job consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act. These evaluations can also assist in identifying general health issues for the benefit of the individual and company. Comprehensive Department of Transportation (DOT), OSHA-mandated Medical surveillance and customized examinations are also available based on corporate needs. Fitness for duty and return to work exams can address appropriate work status for established employees.

Substance Abuse Services
State-of-the-art drug and alcohol testing is offered to promote and support industrial efforts to maintain a safe and responsible workforce. Drug and alcohol testing is available through our health care system 24 hours per day. Urine, breath, and blood alcohol testing can be performed by our staff based on a company's established protocol.

Occupational Health provides this service during its normal operating hours. The Emergency Center provides drug and alcohol testing for injured workers along with testing for suspicion of abuse after normal operating hours.

On-Site Services
Occupational Health offers a full-time or part-time on-site occupational health management system to businesses in our community. This program is a management tool designed to provide a company with the benefits of a health care professional and much more while saving the expense of hiring and supporting additional employees. Services which can be provided by our staff include injury treatment and evaluation, required medical surveillance, coordination of return to work activities, worker's compensation claims management, and medical claims administration.

Service Team
Our service team combines the talents and skills of experienced professionals with medical, management, rehabilitation, safety and training background. This unique combination of experts provides the link between business and medicine. Medical leadership is provided by Dr. James Staten, Occupational Medicine Physician. The team now has available two mobile units to take onsite. With Scotty, our first mobile unit, services may include screenings, hearing tests, mammograms, and bone density tests. Missy is our newest mobile unit. For complete details about Missy, click here.

For more information contact Andrea Fields, Director, by phone at 910-291-7680 or by e-mail by clicking Andrea Fields.

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