The Scotland Memorial Hospital Auxiliary have been quite busy visiting homes to replace the old Health Watch personal monitoring system, manufactured by Spectrum Health Company, with the new Lifeline system. Lifeline helps people continue to live in their homes, maintaining their independence and quality of life, with the assurance that help is just a call away.

This affordable system works through the telephone and is easily installed by a hospital volunteer. The emergency communication mode provides enhanced sensitivity of both microphone and speaker volume, which significantly increases the ability of the Response Center to hear a person - even a sound as soft as a whisper. The Personal Transmitter Pendant, worn at all times on a neck cord or around the wrist, is compact, portable and waterproof.

The Scotland Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has provided personal monitoring systems since 1989 and is very pleased with the change to the new Lifeline system. For more information about or to obtain a personal monitoring system, contact Nancy Rogers at 910-291-7314 or to contact by e-mail click here.

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