Inpatient Rehab

The Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation at Scotland Memorial Hospital opened in January 2002. Patients are by physician referral and must be medically stable and able to tolerate three hours of therapy per day. Most inpatient rehabilitation patients require a two-week stay. The Center has a home like atmosphere so patients are able to make an easier transition to their own home environment.

Occupational, Speech, Recreational, and Physical Therapy are offered to aid in each patient's recovery.

The Center consists of the following:
Seven private rooms
A rehabilitation gym
Activities of Daily Living Room (ADL)
A whirlpool room
A dining area

The ADL Room is equipped with a washer & dryer, refrigerator, microwave, stove, kitchen sink, breakfast nook, bed & dresser, and chair. It is a basic treatment room, just like the gym. Patients actually cook and do their wash so that they are observed and supervised, with intervention provided, if necessary.

Safety issues such as remembering to turn off the stove and using potholders are critical. Patients can have difficulty bending and reaching into the washers and dryers so they are taught how to do this safely and how to rearrange the refrigerator to reach items on the bottom shelf. The bed is used teach how to get on and off and how to make it. The ADL bath is used to teach how to safely get in and out of a wet situation.

Discharge planning starts at day one, with the Interdisciplinary Team meeting twice a week to discuss each patient's care plan, goals, and status. Case managers work with the therapists to identify all the equipment the patient will need upon discharge and assists the patient and family members in ordering this equipment, such as a bedside commode, walker, wheelchair, or ramp. If family members have a concern about accommodating the patient's needs at home, a home assessment by occupational or physical therapists can provide recommendations for home modifications.

For more information about The Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation at Scotland Health Care System, call Juanita Sweeney-Griffith, OT, Director, at 910-291-7327.

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