Emergency Center

The Lights Never Go Out. The Doors Never Close.
Scotland Memorial Hospital's Emergency Center provides an invaluable service to our community. The Center is the "front door" of the hospital for many members of the community and it is imperative that the Center can meet the needs of the community.

Karen Carlisle, RN, BSN, is the Director of Scotland Memorial's Emergency Center. Click here to read more about Ms. Carlisle's recent move to this new role.

It is the mission of the ANCC is to promote excellence in nursing and health care globally through credentialing programs and related services.

The Emergency Center is 24,000 square feet of space which provides an environment to facilitate the delivery of the quality, compassionate emergency that our citizens deserve and expect.

Safety is a key concern for all patients, visitors and staff at Scotland Memorial Hospital. Our increased security measures help to ensure all remain safe. Patients presenting to the Emergency Center are asked, when possible, to provide the names of potential visitors. Anyone requesting to see a patient in the EC must be on that list and must show proper identification, including a photo ID, before being escorted to the patient. Except in extreme cases, each emergency patient is allowed only two visitors at a time. Security Officers will use wands, when needed, for weapons detection following the arrival of any patient to the EC suspected of involvement in a violent act. EC visitors may be inconvenienced as the hospital goes through a weapons detection and baggage inspection process, with visitor access to the EC suspended for a brief period of time.

Our Emergency Center has 21 large, private treatment rooms to ensure a more private environment and to comply with HIPAA laws.

Our Pediatrics Waiting Room provides an area for small ones to help alleviate or eliminate their fears and protect them from exposure to adults with a major injury or illness.

Families coping with life-threatening illnesses and injuries often need a quiet place to talk with staff or cope with emotions. We've added such a place for conferences with physicians and staff members.

Our modernized, large nurses' station allows closer monitoring of patients and room for a centralized area for communications and equipment

A dedicated fast track center provides care for non-urgent patients more efficiently, allowing sicker patients quicker access to beds. A second triage room and trauma room helps assess and care for patients more efficiently.

Currently Scotland Memorial Hospital has four Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE), registered nurses with formal training to deal with sexual assault victims. Members of Scotland Memorial Hospital's SANE Team are registered nurses Angie Gibson, Sherry Leviner, Becky Crews, and Sheila Hunt. Angie Gibson, RN and Sheila Hunt, RN are also Certified Forensic Nurses, serving as the bridge between the health care system and the criminal justice system. To read more about the care provided in Scotland Memorial's Emergency Center to sexual assault victims, click here to be directed to a press release.

Our Emergency Center is designed so that our staff can provide the most timely and efficient care possible. For more information about Scotland Memorial Hospital's Emergency Center contact Karen Carlisle, RN, BSN, Emergency Director, at (910) 291-7705, or by e-mail to our Emergency Center Director.

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