Edwin Morgan Center

The Edwin Morgan Center, located at 517 Peden St., Laurinburg, is Scotland Health Care System's skilled nursing facility. The Center opened in 1973, with 40 beds. In 1995, an additional ten beds were added, bringing the total to 50 beds.

Funded by a grant from the Morgan family of Laurinburg, The Edwin Morgan Center was built as a skilled nursing facility for patients needing acute care as they transitioned out of Scotland Memorial Hospital. After opening, the Center transitioned into a long-term care facility with longer patient stays and more intermediate care. However, in recent years the trend has moved somewhat back to providing more skilled nursing care, with shorter stays. Though the Center has residents who have been there for over ten years, many of the residents are short-term. There is a good mix of patients, some requiring the skilled care of licensed professional staff, which includes nursing as well as therapists, and others who require assistance with activities of daily living with some professional nursing oversight.

Thanks to the Mason family, a sunroom and a patio were recently added to The Morgan Center, providing an excellent place for visitors to spend time with residents. The sunroom's furnishings are comfortable and attractive and affords a degree of privacy that is not available in the lobby or dining room. The bird habitat and aquarium, part of The Eden Alternative, provide many delightful hours of viewing. The three plagues of long-term care - loneliness, helplessness and boredom - are alleviated by incorporating activities, processes and features of a home environment. These include children, companion animals, the opportunity to care for other living things, and the variety and spontaneity that mark an enlivened environment which can succeed where pills and therapies fail.

In July 2005, two associates, now retired, were honored for their many years of service and care to the Center's residents (see picture above). Pansy Herring (seated on left) was a part of The Edwin Morgan Center for 32 years and her leadership helped build a reputation for excellence in resident care services. These high standards of care continue to be seen in the day-to-day activities of the facility. Lucy Tyson (seated on right), who worked at the Center for 41 years, strove to create the best possible environment for the residents. But their roles in the lives of this facility, its staff and residents, go far beyond excellence in their work responsibilities. Their genuine care and concern for a combined total of 73 years for the well being of each resident and their fellow associates created an atmosphere in which all could thrive. They shaped the character of The Edwin Morgan Center - a character of love, respect, friendship, hard work, loyalty, and devotion. Though both are retired now these traits are so ingrained in the fabric of the daily life of this facility that Pansy and Lucy will continue to be present through their influence on others. Shown in the photo on this page are Mrs. Pansy Herring and Mrs. Lucy Tyson (seated L-R) and Nancy Walker, Chair of The Edwin Morgan Center Board of Trustees and Charles Jenkins, Chairman of the Scotland Health Care System Board of Trustees.

Contact the Hospital's Discharge Planner at 910-291-7641 or The Edwin Morgan Center at 910-276-0016 for more information.

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