During your stay at Scotland Memorial Hospital, members of our hospitalist team may provide your medical care. A hospitalist is a medical provider who specializes in caring for patients in the hospital. Some hospitalists are trained as specialists in pulmonary/critical care medicine, cardiology, or other sub-specialties.

Our Hospitalist team members include physicians and nurse practitioners. Our hospitalist team consists of the following listed from left to right in the photo above:

Dr. Cheryl Davis, board certified in internal medicine, Medical Director
Dr. Scott Luneau, board certified in internal medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Moore, board certified internal medicine physician
Jill Moore, RN, Family Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Lori Heim is board certified in family medicine - Click here to listen to an interview with Dr. Heim on local radio station WIOZ Star 102.5 FM as she discusses hospitalist services and the need for health care reform.
Recci Rock, RN, Family Nurse Practitioner, Program Coordinator. We proud to announce that Mrs. Rock has been named as a 2010 Great 100 Nurse. Click here to read more about this prestigious award.

These team members will:
Closely monitor your condition
Order tests and medications
Bring in medical or surgical specialists as needed
Keep your personal physician, as well as you and your family, well informed

Benefits of Hospitalist Service
With members of our hospitalist service managing your care, you have the benefits of:
Receiving high-quality care all day, every day
Seeing a medical provider as often as needed
Having a doctor more readily available to talk with you and your family

During the day, your hospitalist team member is never more than a few minutes away. Because they work in the hospital, you will see him or her more than once a day, if needed. Good communication is one of the keys to diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Your hospitalist team member knows every specialist on our medical staff and every department in the hospital. These relationships aid in providing the most efficient care for you.

Our hospitalist team members assist you through a smooth and speedy recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment regimen throughout the day based on those test results.

What Happens When You Are Admitted to the Hospital
At the time of your hospital admission, your primary care provider will call the hospitalist to inform him or her of your condition. Your primary care provider will send your records to the hospital to provide as much information as possible about your illness. The process is similar to what your physician does when he or she refers you to a specialist for another opinion or for additional tests and treatment. During the course of your hospitalization, your hospitalist and office physician may talk further regarding your treatment.

Hospitalists help your primary care physician to be more available to you
Working with a hospitalist team is a win-win situation for both our patients and our physicians. Because of our hospitalist service, your physician can provide care to his or her patients in the office with fewer delays and interruptions. This allows your physician to devote more time to keeping you, your family, and other patients healthy.

Hospitalists Answer Questions
Our hospitalist team members are here to provide the answers to your questions whenever possible! During critical and stressful moments, they provide honest and considerate answers. Since hospitalists are in the hospital all day, they are able to spend more time taking to you and your family about your care, as well as responding to whatever medical needs you may have during your hospital stay.

When You Leave the Hospital
When you are discharged from the hospital, the hospitalist will send a detailed report to your primary care provider describing the treatment you received and any further treatment needs. The hospitalist will provide you with any necessary prescriptions and will arrange for you to go back to see your primary care provider.

If you have additional questions about hospitalist services, please contact Recci Rock, RN, FNP, program coordinator, at 910-291-6904.

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