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August 24, 2009

Scotland Memorial Hospital begins the long-awaited renovation to the Intensive Care Unit on August 31st.

On Wednesday, August 26th, the current ICU will relocate from its present location to the former Peds/Surgical wing. Though the ICU will have its maximum occupancy reduced from seven to six patients for the duration of the project, patient care will not be compromised in any manner. All ICU rooms have been fitted with all the necessary equipment to provide the standard of care necessary for critically ill patients.

The hospital prepared for this project by merging the Pediatrics/Surgical wing on the third floor with the 24-bed Third Medical unit at the east end of the building. That vacated wing of the third floor has been refitted with all the clinical capabilities that exist in the current ICU in order to provide medical care to critically ill patients.

Ruth Glaser, Senior Vice President of Operations, stated, ""It has been six years since the Intensive Care Unit has had any renovations, and that was a minor project at the time. When complete later this year, the ICU will offer seven updated rooms with a fresh look for patients, and enlarged space for the nurses' station, doctors' dictation, and staff areas. The unit will be more patient and visitor friendly."

Moving the seven-bed ICU unit out of the construction zone will allow the renovation to be completed in a timely manner. Visitors to the ICU will exit right off the main elevators and utilize the call system to gain entrance through the security doors. Though the project includes the permanent removal of the small ICU waiting room, the larger waiting room on the third floor remains available to visitors.

"It is our desire to keep our patients, visitors, and staff safe during construction projects," continued Ms. Glaser. "We apologize for any inconvenience our patients or visitors may experience during this time."

Dr. Steve Lanuti, general surgeon, is pleased that the ICU will receive a much needed renovation. "This is an area of the hospital which gets a lot of use. The renovation will make the unit more patient and family friendly and the updated look throughout the rooms and nurses station will be appreciated by all who visit the unit."

For additional information about the renovation project the hospital is currently undergoing, please contact the Marketing Department at 910-291-7550.

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