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August 11, 2009

State of the Art Machine First of its Kind in Southeastern United States

Scotland Health Care System has been recognized by Toshiba Medical Systems of Irvine, California, for its new open-bore MRI, which was installed at the hospital late last fall.

Doug Walton, Account Executive with Toshiba Medical Systems, met with health care system representatives to present a plaque and offer congratulations to them for their decision to add this state-of-the-art equipment. He made these comments at the presentation. "It is with great honor that Toshiba Medical Systems presents Scotland Health Care System, President and Chief Executive Officer Greg Wood, and Imaging Director Zim Townsend this award for the installation of the first open-bore 1.5 Toshiba MRI, not only in the state of North Carolina but the entire southeast region of the United States. Many hospitals don't even have an MRI in their facility and you have chosen to become one of the first in this area to install equipment known for its high quality and patient comfort. I commend the Board of Trustees for making the decision to invest in this technology."


                Accepting the award from Toshiba Medical Systems are Scotland Memorial's Zim Townsend, imaging director; Charity Cairnie, RT(R); Dr. Joseph Staab, radiologist; and Greg Wood, president and CEO. Doug Walton (right) account executive with Toshiba.

The hospital adopted the tag line "High Quality, Patient Comfort" during its marketing campaign of the new equipment. "Clearly high quality and patient comfort are the two benefits of the MRI," stated Mr. Walton. "Many institutions do not feel that this type of technology is adequate for them in the mistaken belief that the image quality of the open bore is not as good as the smaller bore, or opening. However, this hospital has demonstrated there is no compromise in image quality while the patients benefit tremendously because of the size and openness of the magnet and certainly the quiet aspect of the machine."

The new Toshiba Open-Bore MRI presents many benefits, not just to the patients, but to the radiologists as well. Dr. Joseph Staab, one of the hospital's four full-time radiologists added, "The scanner has been well received by the medical staff as well as our patients. Its larger opening, in which the patient has to lie, is much less claustrophobic. The impact of the new MRI scanner has changed the volume of the scans done here at the hospital, mostly due to the improved quality of the images and the comfort of the patients."

Mr. Walton added, "Toshiba is extremely proud to be a partner with Scotland Health Care System. The entire staff has been an amazing partner to work with on this addition. We are thankful for the opportunity to work with Zim Townsend; Chris Hogan, Assistant Director; Dr. Scott Hees, medical director; and the MRI staff. And, while he is no longer with the health care system, I do want to offer special recognition to former Vice President of Support Services Hew Fulton, who worked with Toshiba to help make this addition to the hospital's services possible."
Mr. Townsend, who works very closely with the referring physicians, commented, "Our physicians have clearly voiced their approval of the MRI and its quality. We are very appreciative of their acceptance of this technology. However, our patients are the clear winners with this technology. They don't have to travel out of town for a high quality service such as this, and their MRI is done in a comfortable environment."

For more information about Scotland Health Care System's imaging services, contact Zim Townsend at 910-291-7733.

Scotland Health Care System is a community owned, not-for-profit health care system located in Laurinburg, North Carolina. The 154-bed system is comprised of the 104-bed Scotland Memorial Hospital, The 50-bed Edwin Morgan Center, Scotland Memorial Foundation, and Hospice of Scotland County. The Health Care System also owns and operates four primary care facilities, a general surgery practice and an ob/gyn practice.

With more than 1,000 employees, Scotland Health Care System is Scotland County's largest, non-governmental, private employer. Its medical staff includes 63 physicians representing many medical specialties. Scotland Memorial Hospital is ranked in the top ten percent in North Carolina for Surgical Care. In 2008, the Health Care System contributed more than $8 million in charity care to the community.

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