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June 29, 2010

Scotland Memorial Foundation's annual Highland Society luncheon and State of the Hospital address last week provided a review of the Health Care System's past year and a look forward to the coming months.

Hosted by Highland Society Chair Kirsten Dean, nearly 70 attendees enjoyed lunch following the invocation by Foundation board member Mr. John Ferguson.

The State of the Hospital address, delivered by Greg Wood, Scotland Health Care System's President and Chief Executive Officer, focused on the System's successes and challenges. "Despite the economic challenges of our region and our industry, we have something extremely successful here. The quality of care we provide, the services we render day in and day out, the technology we are able to purchase, the physicians we recruit, the mid-level providers who join the physicians, and our facilities are extraordinary."

The System's recently completed five-year strategic plan details their growth opportunities. "The communities we serve include Scotland, Richmond, Marlboro, and Robeson counties," Wood stated. "Over the next several years you'll see some more service provided to these communities. Our clinical service lines such as the Pain Management and Vascular clinics and our Wound Healing Center will continue to grow. One of the most exciting projects now underway is our fixed cardiovascular lab which will replace our mobile cardiac cath lab."

Wood stated that their physicians remain the System's chief cornerstone. "Physicians are finding a need from both economic and quality of life standpoints to join larger groups or to be employed." He forecasts many new physicians and some existing ones to join the hospital system over the next few years, and described the new network organization being established to direct these efforts.

"The System will hire a part-time chief medical officer to help advance quality of care practices and benchmarks to prove to the community how well we are doing," Wood added. "Our service excellence campaign is well underway to help minimize the anxiety and stress of our patients by providing them more information and involvement in their care."

Scotland Health Care System is having a good financial year. "This in spite of the fact that we are giving away $9 million in charity care and facing $17 million in bad debt," said Wood.

Joyce McDow, Chairman of the Scotland Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees, added that the Foundation's goals center around eight areas, which include:
Annual Revenue Generation
Community Health Programs
Capital Campaign
Board Development
Donor Cultivation and Development
Planned Giving
Funding Initiatives
Branding and Marketing

"Revenue from the Ritz doubled this past year, allowing us to provide five $2,000 scholarships to deserving seniors who are preparing for careers in the health care field." Mrs. McDow then introduced four of the scholarship recipients who were in the audience.

"Revenue from our FUNd Run-4-Life provided support to the Compassionate Care Fund, the Patient and Family Travel Fund, and the newly created fund for diabetes education. Attendance at this year's Women's Health Event increased to 218 women and the recent Men's Health Event had close to 100 in attendance. We also saw an increase in membership in the Highland Society and the Skye Club. The Foundation is making a difference in our community and it's thanks to the many supporters who are the backbone of Scotland Memorial Foundation."

Nancy Adcock, Vice Chair of the Foundation's board, closed the meeting with the announcement that Brooke Jenkins, former Laurinburg attorney, has accepted the position of Executive Director of Scotland Memorial Foundation. "We know Brooke will do an excellent job as Executive Director for the Foundation. She is very talented with strong leadership skills and has a great staff in place.

"In this time of economic uncertainty we look to ourselves to shoulder the responsibility and support of those less fortunate around us. The Foundation Board is committed to making it happen. The Hospital System is committed to helping us make it happen. And lastly you continue to ensure our success as you so generously give year after year," Ms. Adcock concluded.

For more information about how you can support Scotland Memorial Foundation and its outreach efforts, contact the Foundation office at 910-291-7553.

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