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June 14, 2011

Scotland Memorial Foundation's annual Highland Society luncheon and State of the Hospital address last week offered a review of the Foundation's recent activities as well as Scotland Health Care System's milestones and future plans.

The Highland Society, now 104 members strong, was established in 2002 to thank and recognize those people, businesses, and organizations that made significant contributions of $1,000 or more to the Scotland Memorial Foundation in a calendar year. Some members of The Highland Society have given so generously they have earned membership in the prestigious Skye Club.

Nearly sixty Highland Society members enjoyed lunch following the invocation by Mr. Mike Vinson. Foundation Board Vice Chairman Allen McLaurin was event emcee. He introduced Greg Wood, Scotland Health Care System President and CEO, who welcomed the Highland Society members and special guest Fred Brown, Vice President of Managed Facilities, Carolinas HealthCare System.

Mr. Wood presented the State of the Health Care System address. "With absolute certainty I can predict three things: we will receive less money and more regulatory expectations from both Medicare at the federal level and Medicaid at the state level. Without a doubt Scotland Health Care System will continue to recruit high quality professionals, purchase state of the art technology, start critical new programs and services, and provide superior and excellent customer service and outstanding patient care. We will do these things both collaboratively in traditional ways with traditional partners and in new ways with new partners.

"Some of the outcomes you will witness and be part of over the next few months include:
The addition of four new employed primary care physicians, three of whom are native Lumbee physicians coming home to their community
Two will join the Pembroke practice, one will join the Maxton practice, and one will join Doctors Harris and Locklear in Laurinburg
We will be presenting a plan to the Board of Trustees in August for the building of a primary care facility in Bennettsville with urgent care capabilities
We will spend close to $8 million to go live with comprehensive electronic medical systems for our hospital and employed physician practices
We will launch a major marketing campaign late this summer which features some of our satisfied patients. This campaign will include print, radio, television, and billboard ads."

Wood continued with, "We will indeed change how we will do things in order to stay strong and vibrant. Our growing partnership with Carolinas HealthCare System will be key to this integration. New partnerships will also emerge, such as that with FirstHealth for our cardiovascular center. Our growing physician and provider network is now at 24 providers actually employed by Scotland Health Care System and we expect this number to grow to about 50 by 2016."

Nancy Adcock, the Foundation Chair, presented a brief overview of the Foundation's successes this past year. "Every organization relies on its most faithful supporters to ensure it success and to chart its course for the future. At Scotland Memorial Foundation, we recognize those people and businesses as part of a very special group of people - The Highland Society. Through the generous support of many friends, the Foundation has helped the Health Care system add Inpatient Rehabilitation services, a comprehensive Cancer Center, and a state-of-the-art Emergency Center."

Scotland Health Care System and the Foundation continue to:
Offer free mammograms to women with financial concerns to help aid in the fight against cancer
Offer thousands of free cholesterol screenings to help prevent heart disease
Offer free prostate screenings to aid in early cancer detection in men
Offer the Women's and Men's Health Events empowering citizens to take charge of their health
Partner with the Scotland Cancer Treatment center to provide wigs and other personal care items to cancer patients in need
Partner with our local physicians and the schools to offer free athletic physicals to middle and high school students each year
Offer funding for the enhancement of nine community support groups
Partner with the Edwin Morgan Center to enable the quality of life of its residents to be enhanced through group outings to performing arts programs as well as the maintenance of the aviaries and aquariums
Provide funding for patient and family travel assistant funds
Support new community health educational opportunities, such as the Diabetes Education Fair to be held in September
Offer five $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors who have excelled in the classroom and plan to pursue careers in health care.

"The message here is clear," continued Nancy Adcock. "Your gifts to Scotland Memorial Foundation DO make a difference and we pledge to continue to be good stewards of those funds to ensure your community hospital has the resources it needs to serve the health care needs of the communities we serve for many years to come.

Clearly, as members of the Highland Society and the Skye Club you have all made generous donations to Scotland Memorial Foundation in the last year. And we thank you. We want you to know that it is continuous, ongoing support at this level that will truly make a difference in Scotland Health Care System."

For more information about Scotland Memorial Foundation and to become a contributor, please contact Executive Director Kirsten Dean at 910-291-7553.

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