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May 10, 2010

Scotland Health Care System held its annual Nurses of Distinction Awards program during Nurses Week.

Jim Mason, chairman of the Scotland Health Care System Board of Trustees, welcomed the thirty nominated nurses and their guests by commenting, "It's always a privilege to come to this event. The best nomination you can receive is one by your peers. You should be proud of the fact that they have nominated you for this prestigious award. You are the engine which makes this hospital go and we on the Board appreciate all your hard work. On behalf of the Board, thank you for a job well done."


2010 Nurses of Distinction (left to right) Kim Mintz, Lis Bender, Barbara Anderson, Heather Johnson, Melanie Thompson, and Carrie Funderburk (not pictured Kay Locklear)

Dr. Paul Rush, orthopedic surgeon and Chief of Staff, also attended the event, arriving late from the operating room. "We physicians rely on you nurses tremendously and are very fortunate to have the talent we do in this hospital. I know when I go to the emergency room or when I'm on a hospital floor I'm going to be taken care of and my patients are going to be take care of. Congratulations to all the nominees and those of you selected for the award. However, I think you all are winners."

"We received some wonderful nominations this year and it's incredibly hard to select the winners from those 30 nominated nurses," stated Terry Celadon, Vice President of Patient Care Services. "We are very fortunate and thankful that these nurses choose to work at Scotland Health Care System. We are very proud of all of our nurses and pleased to recognize these here tonight with this award."

Nominated by their peers, supervisors and physicians, the following nurses were named Nurses of Distinction. Included are comments taken from the actual nomination forms.

Barbara Anderson, RN in Ambulatory Setting. One of the most compassionate nurses I have ever worked with. She always takes the time to make sure the patient understands the steps needed to enhance their well-being. She treats co-workers and families like her own.

Lisa Bender, RN in Support Role. Her leadership is ever-present and comfortable. Her staff is motivated and positive and Lisa enhances and increases quality outcomes on the entire unit.

Carrie Funderburk, RN in Post Acute Role. Carrie functions in multiple roles on Inpatient Rehab. She demonstrates outstanding clinical expertise whether she is working in a staff nurse role, performing pre-admissions screenings, or supervising the floor.

Heather Johnson, RN, New Graduate. Heather is a pleasure to work with, always smiling and offering assistance to her co-workers. Her positive attitude never lets a chaotic day change her disposition. She demonstrates compassion and professionalism when caring for her patients.

Kay Locklear, LPN in Acute Care Setting (not present). Kay brings a lot to the table and has a variety of skills that makes her well suited for the diverse population on Third Medical. She does a wonderful job of taking care of patients and has excellent clinical experience.

For the first time in its ten year history at Scotland Health Care System, two nurses have tied for the coveted Nurse of Distinction Acute Care setting:

Kim Mintz, RN, Acute Care Setting. Kim is a superb nurse who is also an inspiring and well-organized leader. She is proactive and leads by example and sets a positive tone in the Recovery Room. She actively participates in the Nurse Practice Council and works closely with Education to share her talents with the staff.

Melanie Thompson, RN, Acute Care Setting. Able to take care of many kinds of patients and possesses a wide range of skillsets which enables her to care professionally and on an expert level. She has a great attitude and is very active on the Nurse Practice Council and on the Pain Team. She is a shining star.

The 30 Nominees Were:
Kenny Allen, RN, Surgical Services
Barbara Anderson, RN, Occupational Health
Wanda Avetta, RN, ICU
Lisa Bender, RN, Third West
Betty Branch, RN, Surgical Services
Selena Brayboy, RN, Outpatient Surgery
Patricia Decker, RN, Surgical Services
Kathy East, RN, Women's Services
Mike Frease, RN, Flex Pool
Carrie Funderburk, RN, Inpatient Rehabilitation
Laura Gaitley, RN, PMCS/PCU/Third West
Shirley Gibbs, RN, Outpatient Surgery
Erica Gonzaga, RN, ICU
Margie Hammonds, RN, Progressive Medical
Niki Hammonds, RN, PACU
Terry Harrington, LPN, Women's Services
Loretta Hayden, RN, Education
Amy Hill, RN, Emergency Center
Heather Johnson, RN, Third West
Carolyn Leak, LPN, Progressive Medical Care
Kay Locklear, LPN, Third West
Angela Mackey, RN, Surgical Services
Sheila McLeod, RN, Admissions Nurse
Kim Mintz, RN, PACU
David Ratley, RN, Emergency Center
Jeff Robinson, RN, Education
Tina Stone, RN, Progressive Medical
Melanie Thompson, RN, Third West
Lynn Wood, RN, Flex Pool
Leslie Yanick, RN, Progressive Medical

Mrs. Celadon also recognized four RNs who achieved clinical advancement at the bedside to the level of Clinical Nurse III. This designation is the highest level of clinical performance at the bedside which can be achieved at Scotland Memorial Hospital. Receiving Clinical Nurse III pins were Kim Mintz, Recovery Room; Melanie Thompson, Third West; and Lynn Wood, Flex Pool. Not in attendance was Katilda Blackmon.

Four other nurses were recognized in the evening's program for their accomplishments this past year. Sandy Williams, RN, was inducted into the North Carolina Great 100. She also became a published writer this year with her article, 'Pain is Real When You Get Others to Believe It.' in Pain View, a publication from the American Society of Pain Educators. Nancy Strickland, RN, of the Inpatient Rehab Center, achieved national certification in rehab nursing and Elizabeth Parrish, RN, of the Cancer Center, earned her oncology nurse certification this year. Monique McGowan, an admissions nurse, earned national certification as a med/surg nurse.

At the end of the program Greg Wood recognized Mrs. Celadon, who will be leaving the Health Care System at the end of June. As he presented her with a plaque for her 15 years of service, he commented, "I want to recognize an additional Nurse of Distinction. Terry joined us 15 years ago on the Women's Unit. A couple of years after that I had a Vice President opening, which she stepped into. Terry has done an outstanding job in that role, always stating first and foremost she is a nurse. She told me was born a nurse and will always be a nurse. Tonight I would like to present her with the Chief Nurse of Distinction Award."

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